Do you feel like you could be getting more out of life?

Giftedness DC

Have you found yourself taking every personality quiz you can find, hoping that by understanding your number, or your spirit animal, or how extroverted you are will help you make more informed decisions about your life?

Do you ever wish you had someone who could walk you through the way you’re wired and help you understand yourself better, so you’re not just expending energy, you’re creating it?

What is SIMA?

SIMA, or the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities, is a process for learning more about you! By asking you to share your story, we can see you in action, blending the art of your humanity with the science of how you’re wired. From there, we help you flourish so you can help other flourish.

Helping you flourish so you can help others flourish

We want to see you in action

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