Meet the Team


We use the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities® (SIMA®) process, which uses in depth, qualitative interviews, to determine an individual’s Motivated Abilities Pattern® (MAP ®). An individual’s MAP® helps identify situations, careers, and relationships where they will both thrive and struggle, and gives us a good framework to think through upcoming decisions.

Kevin Gottlieb, ThM

Kevin Gottlieb is the Founder & President of Giftedness DC. He is one of the rare species who was actually born in Washington, DC, and now lives in the nation’s capital by choice.

Kevin graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with his Master of Theology (ThM). During his time in Dallas, he was trained in SIMA ® and worked as a Giftedness analyst under Bill Hendricks. After graduating, he moved back to the DC area to begin helping people here discover their giftedness so they can make the next best decisions in their lives.

Kevin and his wife Natalie have two small girls and are very active in their church. He loves reading, trying new foods, and going down the fastest slides at the playground with his daughters.

Natalie Gottlieb

Natalie Gottlieb is in charge of keeping the behind the scenes life running smoothly. You’re likely to communicate with her about scheduling and logistics, and she writes most of the blogs. If there’s an issue at any point, Natalie is here to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

When she’s not helping Kevin or chasing the girls, you can find Natalie working as a nurse in the NICU. Understanding her giftedness pattern (Meet Needs, Gain Response, and Be In Charge) has helped make her a better nurse, a better wife, and a better mom, and she loves getting to help others on their journeys.