Giftedness During a Pandemic

You don’t need me to tell you that there’s a lot of uncertainty happening in the world around us right now. People seem to be responding in one of a many ways, from pretending nothing is happening, to sharing all the funny corona-related memes they can find, to hoarding toilet paper and face masks in their go-bags in preparation for the actual apocalypse. Sometimes you’ll find the same person in all three of these camps within the span of an hour.

I’m not a medical professional (although I am married to a nurse), but I can say this: a pandemic is a really good time to do a giftedness assessment.

Let me explain why:

First, the economy as we know it is changing. As of the first draft of this post, we hit 22 million unemployment claims. That number doesn’t include people who have had reduced hours or drastic changes to the way they work, those are simply the number of requests to the Federal Government for an unemployment check.

I can’t guarantee you that by knowing your Motivated Abilities Pattern©, you’ll be immune to layoffs and industry changes. However, if you’re an employee, I can tell you that knowing what motivates you will allow you to play to your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and stand out even as the world around you crumbles. If you’re an employer, I can help you figure out how to structure your people so they’re working smarter, not harder, which will in turn optimize your organization to be in the best position to weather this storm.

Second, a Giftedness Assessment can be completed at home, after you log off your work email, even after you tuck your kids into bed. The general process for completing an assessment is that you fill out an intake form online, we schedule a 90 minute Zoom call (at least until we don’t have to be socially distant), and then I run your analysis. We’ll have a follow up Zoom call for me to deliver your results to you and anyone you’d like to have join (spouses are the most common, but this is your open invitation), and both of these calls can happen at hours that are convenient to you.

While many of your peers are spending their shelter at home time playing videos or learning how to watercolor paint, use this time to get ahead in your career, your relationships, and your knowledge of yourself.

Finally, knowing your Giftedness helps you do more while spending less energy. During times of crisis, we’re all overwhelmed, and we have to shunt all of our resources into our most essential needs. By knowing what energizes you, and what totally demotivates you, you can structure your days and your life so that you’re spending less energy, filling up as you go, and you are in the best place possible, even during a global pandemic.

If you have any questions, I’d love to talk further. Feel free to drop a comment below, fill out the request form, or send an email to